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Creating a Memorable Experience of your Brand


Optimizing your reach through activations

We have a successful history of brand activation for reputed multi-national organizations, and we utilize this experience in all of our brand/ product activation campaigns. Nevertheless, the campaign is tailored to your brand thanks to our expertise in design and ability to customize designs and services. With the creation of innovative and original ways in which consumers can interact with your brand, we plan to attract the attention of your target audience, whilst also building brand awareness. Our wide-range of brand engagement activities are focused on driving product sales and building brand equity for your company. We provide all services needed for such activities, including promoters, designs, 3D implementation, and digital and offset production.


Creating tailor-made promotional programs

One of the most effective and rapid methods of communicating messages or promotional offers is leafleting. This generates interest from consumers and allows our staff to interact with potential customers. We ensure that these campaigns take place in a selected geographical area according to your product and target audience, in order to guarantee controlled distribution.


Measuring service quality, performance, and customers experience

Attention uses mystery shopping to provide your company with an invaluable way of assessing customer satisfaction and sales standards at your retail space. Our staff keeps their identity and purpose hidden from the establishment, in order to expertly evaluate staff compliance and motivation and commitment to your product. The results can either be shared directly with the client only, or revealed to the establishment afterwards.


Enduring your consumer knows how your product looks, feels, smells, or tastes like!

Distributing samples or providing demonstrations of your product can directly impact sales, as Attention ensures that the majority of sampling activities and demonstrations are located near to your retail space, so as to encourage purchases once customers receive an appealing sample of your product. We, at Attention will gauge the reaction of the target consumer to your product, and fully utilize their feedback


Taking your message on the road – literally !

Whether your company is launching a new product, or wishes to reacquaint consumers with an established product, road shows are an excellent method of promoting your product. Attention will handle all of the services and logistics necessary for a road show such as providing field staff, venue booking, vehicle and stand hiring, and journey planning.


All the information you need at your fingertips

Attention recognizes that responses from consumers themselves are indispensable, and so your company can assess this feedback immediately thanks to our unique reporting system. Our expert team has filtered the questionnaires and data collated to be presented in a way that is beneficial to you.


Spaces cater for all storage needs

Our warehouse in Jordan is at your disposal to service your storage needs. Each delivery sent to the warehouse is recorded and records are available upon request for almost all services. The warehouse is also available for collation and distribution of your retail products.


Analyzing the Mindset of the Consumer

Merchandising activities are vital in ensuring that your brand is distinguished from its competitors and remains visually active. By analyzing the mindset of the consumer, Attention offers a unique merchandising solution; our processes focus on product placement and visibility, layout design, lighting effects and categorization according to the age and gender of the consumer. This aims to increase sales of your product while reducing the possibility of insufficient stock, as well as raising in-store profile and maximizing your sales space. Whether it is strategic merchandising that requires on-going field support to maintain and improve standards, or tactical merchandising which is a single campaign to support a product launch or promotion, our team caters to your business needs with precision and dedication. With auditing being a crucial part in improving your marketing planning, Attention delivers a thorough marketing audit, which dissects and examines the environment within the retail space. We provide a detailed report on the nature of competition in your target market, promotional compliance, stock evaluation and product pricing, giving your business the ability to react and profit from the evaluation.


Using product knowledge transfer

Using a third party as a platform for selling your product can be very beneficial to your company in regards to reducing sales costs. However, Attention makes sure that resellers will successfully promote and sell your product using Product Knowledge Transfer processes; we collaboratively work with you to develop customized training modules, whereby highly-skilled specialists will then use to educate resellers on the benefits and features of your product. At Attention, our channel sales team will ensure that the reseller is fully equipped with the needed knowledge to effectively market and sell your product, in addition to field specialists who will connect with consumers directly and use their product knowledge and industry expertise to close sales.


Maximizing the Usage of your Space


Look at the Product and experience it

Attention strives to create exhibition designs that maximize usage of the space and offer an impressive and innovative interactive experience. Our exhibitions include immersive displays and digital environments that seek to captivate the audience, whilst informing and entertaining. On that note, we undertake a thorough discussion and plan of the exhibition with your company, creating ideas first as scale plans or computer-generated visuals, then producing the final specifications. We also oversee the assembly of the exhibition at the venue and liaise with technical specialists on your behalf.


Creative work, production services , installation and dismantling

The appearance of your product on the shelf in a retail space is vital in enticing new consumers, announcing a sale and promoting a slow-moving product. Striving to produce an attractive and appealing display for your product, we also offer productive services, installation and dismantling of your display to guarantee success.


Utilize your space effectively!

Showrooms are designed to showcase the products for sale in a large space, and streaming from our philosophy in letting the consumer experience the product, Attention creates a showroom that is tailored to your product and is guaranteed to generate excitement, by using your merchandise as inspiration for our preliminary designs.


Get noticed!

Attention ensures your brand or product is distinguished at lively trade shows, by designing a booth that is captivating and attracts the consumer. As we understand the mindset of the consumer and the marketing process, we guarantee a booth that has a professional presence aptly reflecting your marketing objectives, and that is adapted to your specific needs.



Digital Door-to-Door

S.O.U.L, a digital door-to-door sampling platform, that connects brands all sizes and categories with digitally targeted customers by delivering physical product samples at their home doorsteps.


With S.O.U.L sampling becomes more specific and targeted allowing you to reach the right customer with the right product to grow your product conversion rates.


Make the Connection now and join S.O.U.L

Digital Retail Audit

With our latest top notch mobile data collections, you will be able to collect real-time visibility and analytics to businesses from retails


  • Availability & Penetration
    • SKU & Stock Availability
    • Price Tag Presence
    • Expiration Date Availability
    • POSM Availability
  • Price
    • Brand vs. Competitive Brand Price
  • Shelf, Cooler & Display share & availability
  • In-store Inventory Tracking
  • Mystery Shopping
  • In-store Execution Performance
    • Instore Execution Compliance
    • Planogram Availability
    • POS Asset Tracking


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